What about leakage of diesel generator?

In the process of using diesel generator set, users may encounter some problems, including water leakage. What about leakage of diesel generator?

1. Glue. If the water tank or water pipe is broken or there are pores causing small leakage, we can clean the leakage part and apply repair glue.

2. Add padding. If the joint leaks, we can add a thin plastic pad on both sides of the leak proof ring and tighten it with force.

3. Paint chip solution. If there is water leakage at the joint, soak the paint film in alcohol, clean the joint, and apply the paint film to the joint.

4. Liquid sealant. If the leakage is caused by solid gasket, the leakage surface can be cleaned and then coated with liquid sealing glue.

5. If the water tank leaks, we can clamp the core pipe at the leaking place flat with pliers.

Post time: Sep-14-2021