What is a load bank?

load bank is a device designed to provide electrical loads for testing various power sources, Including Engine Generators, Battery Systems, UPS Systems, Inverters, Ground Power Units, Auxiliary Power Units, Aircraft Power Generators, Wind Generators, and Hydro Generators etc.

Why is Load Testing Important?

Load bank testing will save your time and money in the long run. It is how you determine the operating status of your primary power systems. It’s also how you exercise backup systems to ensure they will be available when called upon. Load testing at start-up and during commissioning and maintenance will detect problematic conditions before they escalate and cause downtime.

What are the different types of load banks?

Resistive, Inductive, capacitive and Resistive/Inductive combined

Can the Load Bank test at single phase?

Yes, but the rating available is 1/6 of the rated testing capacity.

Is it possible to synchronize multiple Load Banks for Testing?

Yes. Multiple Load Banks can be synchronized to test one generator but one Load Bank is not able to test multiple generators at the same time.

What is the operating environment for Keypower Load Bank?

Our Load Banks are to be applied where altitude ≤2500m above sea level,
ambient temp within -15℃ ~ +55℃ and relative humidity ≤98%.

What is the different between Keypower standard load bank and dual voltage?

For example, a KPLB-500 @400V can test full 500kw @400V, and derating to 165kw only @230V 3 phase. Dual voltage KPLB-500 can test full 500kw @400V and @230V.

What is generator tester 8961?

The generator tester 8961 is used for recalling the data from the generators you are testing. Then it can create the test report and sine wave forms. It is good for generator manufacturer and project commissioning.

Is the load bank weatherproof?

Standard type isn't weatherproof, but optional air discharge duct and cam-lock connectors can be fitted on it to enable weatherproof.

Does the load bank support remote monitoring and control?

Standard type doesn't support, but optional programmable Mitsubishi PLC can be fitted to support remote monitoring and control on laptop.