How is the generator set used on the plateau?

1. Compared with the plain area, the power of the diesel engine used on the plateau drops seriously;2. As the power rate drops seriously, “big horse and small car” is needed, resulting in high investment cost and huge volume.In view of the above problems, we believe that it is of high academic research necessity and social and economic value to carry out the project research on diesel generator set for fixed use in plateau area.

Secondly, specific analysis is made on diesel generator equipment:

1) Due to the low air pressure and thin air in the plateau area, the oxygen content of the generator set is low, and the ambient temperature of the generator set is low. The generator set is especially suitable for the diesel engine with natural air intake. The combustion of the generator set becomes worse due to insufficient air intake, so that the diesel engine cannot produce the original specified calibration power.Even though the basic structure of diesel engines is the same, the calibration power, displacement and rotation speed of each type of diesel engines are different, so their ability to work in the plateau is different.For every 1000m increase in the use of the generator set on the plateau, the power of the non-supercharger decreases by about 6~ 10%, and the supercharger by about 2~5%. Therefore, the oil supply should be appropriately reduced according to the local altitude in the long-term use of the plateau.

2) The characteristics of the plateau environment are that atmospheric pressure, air density and air oxygen content will decrease with the rise of altitude.Combined with the above combustion theory, it can be seen that the diesel engine has the greatest impact on the output power of the diesel engine due to insufficient diesel combustion and reduced explosive force.

3) Since the nominal power of a diesel engine is generally calculated according to the service condition that the atmospheric pressure is 100 kPa (the altitude is 100m), when the atmospheric pressure decreases (the altitude rises), the output power will decrease accordingly.When the ambient temperature is constant, the atmospheric pressure drops from 1000hPa (altitude is 100m) to 613hPa (altitude is 4000m), and the nominal output power of diesel engine with supercharger decreases by 35% ~ 50%.

Post time: Jul-24-2020