The function of the installed static hydraulic system AC generator


    Before starting or decelerating the test alternator, ensure that the hydrostatic system is running and functioning properly. When connecting the pipeline to the hydrostatic connection of the bearing, it is necessary to ensure that the connection on the bearing does not rotate. During the installation of the pipeline, this connection must be locked with appropriate tools. Compared with traditional alternators, it saves energy by 20% to 25%.

    In addition to the hydrostatic system itself, the energy-saving system is better matched with the engine in the low fuel consumption zone. In critical applications, sliding bearings with hydrostatic lifting function are used to prevent damage caused by metal contact with the bearing surface. The hydrostatic system can ensure low bearing wear when the AC generator starts at low speed or frequently starts/stops, under high starting loads, or for extremely long deceleration times. For these application conditions, the generator manufacturer strongly recommends the use of a hydrostatic system. The Diesel generator hydrostatic system is running and functioning normally.

    The maximum carrying capacity of the system is defined by the maximum pump pressure. The pressure of the hydrostatic pump is usually limited to 200 bar.In the case of metal to metal contact, due to the small lubrication gap on the shaft surface, the pump pressure is highest at the beginning of lifting.

    There will be significant pressure fluctuations during lifting. After the shaft is lifted, as the lubrication gap size increases, the pressure will decrease as a function of the bearing geometry and lubricant amount. The static pump pressure used to support the shaft should be around 100 bar.The minimum speed for operating the alternator without using a hydrostatic system. The hydrostatic transmission chassis has good suspension and shock absorption effects. The traditional mechanical transmission chassis is prone to vibration and impact when passing through uneven roads, and the diesel generator affects comfort and work efficiency. The hydrostatic transmission chassis of the diesel generator set uses a hydraulic system to transmit power, with good suspension and shock absorption effects.

Post time: Jul-25-2023